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  75N Series Charger Standard Battery Features
star.gif (155 bytes)Flag type terminals on positive and negative posts for easy installation. A .375 in. diameter hole in each flag for bolting inter-cell connectors (up to 75N-27).
star.gif (155 bytes)The cell are high capacity Industrial Type for deep cycle operation and high recovery characteristics.
star.gif (155 bytes)Heat Sealed cell cover to eliminate the major source of electrolyte leakage and thereby reducing corrosion build-up.
star.gif (155 bytes)Powder Coat Paint is standard. It is highly acid resistant and tough.
star.gif (155 bytes)Lifting handles are provided for easy handling and transporting.
star.gif (155 bytes)Batteries can be discharged to 80% of rated capacity without plate damage. Charging will return battery specific gravity level to approximately 1.275-1.285 measured by hydrometer.
  Additional Data
star.gif (155 bytes)Add distilled water when electrolyte level is low. Do Not Add Acid
star.gif (155 bytes)Keep top of battery clean and all hardware free of corrosion -battery life can be extended
star.gif (155 bytes)More than one cell can be placed in one steel case, 75N-9 up to but not to exceed 75N-11
  Optional Features
star.gif (155 bytes)Dry charge cells can be provided at an additional cost. Consult factory. End user supplies electrolyte.
star.gif (155 bytes)Larger DC cables can be provided at an additional cost.
star.gif (155 bytes)Hydro-caps available through your Photovoltaic Dealer.
  GPU Unit
  Generator Powered Charger
All the GPU models are designed with simple and time proven controlled reactance transformer and saturable reactor circuits, which requires the least amount of AC power, little or no maintenance and provides a true constantly tapering charge. The IBE charger is regulated by the "ON CHARGE" battery voltage to control the output DC current.
The GPU battery charger is conservatively rated to recharge any 80% discharged battery in its ampere hour rating range.
The charger means your battery is protected against: Overloads, Short Circuits, Line Voltage Surges and Reversed Battery Connections.

Design Features:
star.gif (155 bytes)Full Magnetic Control automatically allows for full taper charge from high rate to maximum safe finish rate.
star.gif (155 bytes)Exact Amount of Required Current is automatically replaced and completely equalized, thus bringing every cell up to peak voltage.
star.gif (155 bytes)Charging Rate is held at the optimum gassing point to ensure longer battery life and much less required watering.
star.gif (155 bytes)Circuit Protection for overload -short circuit -reverse battery connection-surge suppression on rectifiers.
star.gif (155 bytes)Battery Compensation -charging rate is easily re-adjusted to accommodate aging batteries or batteries with faulty cells.